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Sanjay in Mahabharata : The Charioteer

Here, we shall discuss about an important character of Mahabharat who was not directly participating in the battle of Mahabharat but he knew everything about that battle, infect more than any other person who participated in this battle.  He knew everything about both camps who fought that significant war. We are talking about Sanjaya Gavalgani, mostly known as Sanjaya. Meaning of Sanjaya is victory. Sanjaya, was the son of charioteer Gavalgana, who was blind Dhritarashtra's advisor and charioteer as well.  Dhritarashtra was the king of Hastinapur. Sanjaya also served Dhritarashtra as a charioteer.

Sanjay in mahabharata
Sanjay Narrating battle of Mahabharata to King Dhritarashtra 
Sanjaya was the disciple of Maharishi Veda Vyas and highly devoted to his king Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya gave frankly his advises and opinions to his king Dhritarashtra. Although Sanjaya was belongs to very lower caste called sutra and post as well but he was always keen about his ideas and suggestions. Due to his good qualities and loyalty Sanjaya gained Dhritarashtra’s full confidence. Dhritarashtra often choose Sanjaya to share his happiness, painful moments and views about his sons and Pandvas as well. Although Dhritarashtra was totally dependent upon Sanjaya but Sanjaya never betray him or take any disadvantage of it.

Sanjaya always favors Pandvas due to their virtues and ability to follow the path of truth and blind Dhritarashtra knew about that fact. In spite of knowing that Sanjaya is not loyal to his son Dhruyodhana, Dhritarashtra had never any kind of doubt for Sanjaya. Due to Sanjay’s creditability and intelligence Dhritarashtra also send him to Pandva’s kingdom for any pact or solution to avoid war. 

According to Hindu mythology king Dhritarashtra wanted to know that what is happening the battle ground of Mahabharat but he was blind, than sage Veda Vyas decided to give him eyes with some divine powers. King Dhritarashtra was blind by birth and he did not want to take divine eyes at the edge of his life, than he decided that Sanjaya is the only worthy man to get those divine eyes, and Sanjaya accepted this proposal and narrate the whole Mahabharat including Bhagwat Geeta to Dhritarastra.  

Sanjaya was the first running commentator in Indian mythological history.  His selection of words and method of expression was very relevant and realistic. During the time period of Mahabharat battle, Sanjaya had very unpleasant responsibility to elaborate deaths of kauravas in front of their father king Dhritarastra. Sanjaya not only natters the story of Mahabharat, but also offers solace to his king in his most painful time.  Sanjaya knew how to give disaster information to his king. Most of the time we found that king Dhritarashtra said to Sanjaya that “You are my eyes”.

He was among those few lucky persons who heard Bhagwat Geeta. As the Mahabharat was over, Sanjay lost his divine eyes and got back his normal eyes. After the crowned ceremony of Pandvas Dhritarashtra decided to go forest to live his rest of life along with his wife Gandhari and again he was Sanjaya who leave them in forest.  

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