Saturday, 11 June 2011

India to announce UFO Disclosure soon

Native Indian is in the middle of a big key inside discussion. On one side the biggest democracy around the globe is passionate to explain to its individuals and to the globe concerning the present connections with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are unseen numerous globally methods that prohibit doing anything that may cause globally worry and anxiety.It is well received between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that all the five atomic abilities are in touch with the people from other stars for pretty quite a while. 

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Fresh Native Indian has seen huge news on UFO links and key UFO angles in Himalayas near the China angles. In Ladak, for instance the residents certainly factor out the day by day incident of large pie spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Native indian protection causes defensing them.

Military regulators and political figures have revealed the fact that Native indian has been approached. Native Indian has been told the rules of the Galaxy.

The present discussion is on whether to keep it key like other countries are doing or in custom of a total see-through community come out and tell the truth. Native indian is so unfasten and democratic; it is very hard to keep a key for lengthy. The significant anxiety of the Govt today is that different in other countries, it will be very difficult to keep it key for comprehensive time. If the information comes out through illegal programs first and then the regulators are pushed against the wall to acknowledge, two bad things can happen. First, it can actually cause a anxiety in the nation as well as the globe. Second, the way the Native indian state policies is run, the judgment celebration will be tossed out of energy in no time

The present rush of globe management to Native indian is outstanding. Starting from European Chief executive Putin to significant Senators from The united states have frequented or are preparing to visit Native indian. European Partnership is in deep discussion with Native indian on collaboration. All penalties against India’s atomic programs and Native indian Area Analysis Company are in the process of being raised. Native indian is participating with Eurpean people and the People in america wide research and technology research system. Native indian is also part of World Business Company. Native indian is getting significant freelancing agreements in IT and call-center service work from The united states and European countries. India’s Forex store is at a level never foreseeable before because of globally direct investment strategies from European countries, Asia, The philipines and others. Fascinatingly, China suppliers the bend opponent of Native indian altered its position in the last few years to create India’s relationship and trade a priority. Native indian is slowly getting to the factor when it is established as a lasting member of the Security Authorities. All the five Security Authorities members China suppliers, The united states, European federation, Italy and UK support India’s addition.

According to sources close up to the Govt, the UFO connections are known by quite a few political figures in the resistance and of course by those who are in energy.

The army has sensible concern of not allowing the secrets out either.
Lately, India’s foreign matters reverend Mr. Natwar Singh came out and whispered that for Native indian it was not essential to become a atomic energy. He is a strong fan of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, India’s former Primary Minister who started the atomic system in the mid 1960s.

India  first increased a atomic device in Pokhran in early 70's. The whole nation such as individuals from his own celebration inquired Mr. Singh for such an reckless declaration. But on examining his claims, it is obvious, that based on what he knows now, being a atomic energy really does not matter much because the technology managed by the extra-terrestrials are so advanced that all our technology mean really nothing. But significantly he may be annoyed with this questionable continuous key discussion and what he really meant was that if Native indian was not a atomic energy, the discussion on UFO and extra-terrestrials will never be there in Native indian.


  1. So... u just wrote this from ur mind?
    Please if not, put some references.

  2. @Pedro...Please find this reference's link for Ufo disclosure in india:

  3. hey, anup, your reference checks out alright, but it cite yours as its reference too... and you have the same story...

  4. hah ha shanesrd you find out that this is inter linked. By the way i had started serious ufo research back in 1997 when the first word i searched for the network with magic answers called internet i searched for word ufo.
    reason was as we call them udan tashtri. I had seen when i was young i saw it in mansa district of punjab in 1993. Then i again got into topic of it when we were in chandigarh university, i made quiet a few sites, then came busy . few friends claimed they saw something and they made a point coz i was their ufo guy.
    But what really shook me was an event that happened later in 2008 while going en route near a town called barnala i saw two humoungus bright lights , we drove 15 kms and we were just below these two lights that were far away from each other. I asked my father to stop and as we did i stood there 10 minutes, i could see that lights were moving in triangular position, size of object ? something like 2 km long, how do i know? because light pollution was almost zero near the village and i could see no star behind it.
    Now comes the unbelievable part. We drove off , if i stopped them for long they would think i had gone nuts. And the thing just stood there and i thought how could it hang in there for now nearly half hour and no one passing buy noted it or some military plane moving around it , even i one of the most researched guy walked away i kept looking back it stood there till we were gone far. I purchased a digital camera next day . heck i didnt even have my mobile then. AND ever since that i look up sometimes but never seen any.
    Most intriguing is army has installed the most advanced sky radar in that area now, its a big big gas filled balloon with worlds most advanced radar, check it out in google maps. I later read it was to detec stratosphere or objects above normal radar.!!! so this shit is real i think i ll go ahead and file an rti man.

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  8. I checkout the Google Maps and there is a military cantonment near by the Taj Mahal. Could that be something related to them. Don't expect govt. to tell the truth.

    BTW read this fascinating book on ancient aliens here: