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UFO in India-Chandratal Lake

Chandratal, the only sacred pond in the Lahaul-Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh, has for prolonged been rich in myth story has it that the crescent-shaped ideal water human is an residence of fairies who come down on World on moonlit night time.

But the glacier-bound unpopulated landscape has come to be of an similarly implausible story doing the units in India's top area and protection establishments-the sighting of an unknown traveling item or UFO at the Samudra Tapu area, a de-glaciated area at an eight-hour stroll from Chandratal.
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More than a season after a five-member team of glaciologists and experts had a 40-minute come across with a balloon-shaped item straight out of The X-Files, the occurrence is constantly on the mix up a part of the Native indian specialized group. Both Native indian Space Analysis Company (ISRO) and the army are aware of the matter which realized still in Parliament last season when the reverend of state with the Primary Minister's Office had, in an itemized response, verified the ISRO review on the UFO sighting.

It was the second to last day of a week-long adventure performed by Ahmedabad-based Space Program Center (SAC) of ISRO on Sept 27, 2004. The team such as three sac researchers and two experts had prepared camping in the area some 17,000 ft above sea level. They were learning the Chandra sink glacier using satellite tv information. Around 6.45 a.m., as the researchers were planning to keep their camp tents, one of the porters marked a white-colored item on top of an nearby mountain variety, and screamed: "Sir, the snowfall man is coming.''

Anil Kulkarni, a mature ISRO specialist who has been applying ice cubes for a one fourth millennium, and his associates saw what showed up to be a software healthy a few inches wide above the floor, forth-coming the camping along the mountain mountain. Kulkarni and his co-researcher, geologist Sunil Dhar, brought out their electronic cameras and began gunfire the item even as the team competed towards the mountain to examine.

The four-sided determine item, between 3 and 4 ft great, kept shifting down the mountain towards the team. It had a round head with two balloon-type accessories, a human body, arms and two feet. "It seemed to be on feet, increasing and pacing its actions like a person," remember Dhar.

It seems when the item achieved the minimal advantage of the mountain, 50 m away from the amazed researchers, the team members' excitement frightened it. It was standing still for a short time, converted and began a extreme 70-degree climb towards the variety top. By this time, it seems that due to the radiation of the increasing sun, its shades had modified to dark. Soon it modified to white-colored again, hovered above the camping for five moments before noiselessly shifting back into a white-colored dot in the sky.

Ever since 1947 when business owner Kenneth Arnold stimulated off a globally UFO mania allegedly finding traveling disks, a large number of bogus sightings have been revealed from across the planet. It would have also been simple to create off the Samudra Tapu sighting as a incorrect antenna trend except for that it was noticed and revealed by a number of researchers willing to keep out their neck and standing to believe by what they saw.

From the images, the UFO looks like a number of balloons captured in a mountain set up, but a sac review statements the item shown complicated ability to move. "It is a challenge beyond individual understanding," says Dhar who, along with Kulkarni, has approached automatic labs across the world to decide what is technically potential in unmanned traveling automobiles.

The researchers propagate the concern of their near experience in ISRO, army head office, Snow and Increase Research Businesses (SASE), an affiliate of Defense Analysis and Growth Company which operates environment tracking channels in great level places, and among area regulators in Kullu. The army and SASE are the only organizations positioned in raised level places.

"I concern it was a helium increase, but Kulkarni's concern indicates an item with ahead-of-age technological innovation," says R.N. Sarwade, home, SASE.

puzzled, the researchers are now thinking if it could be something man-made. "But there is no known similar technological innovation yet in the private monarchy to describe the unusual item we saw so up near," says Kulkarni. Over the past season, Kulkarni and Dhar have been seriously undercover their sighting to deconstruct the item technically, getting in touch with top automatic labs in the US, Malaysia and Norway. Kulkarni has public his review with the home common of army functions.

Efforts to demystify the Samudra Tapu UFO sighting have created small progress, given the actual thin air, large snowfall protect and unusual varying climate circumstances which cause to be the snowbound area almost not reachable for both air and earth trips.


A five-member number of glaciologists and experts from the Ahmedabad-based Space Program Center (SAC) of ISRO in Sept 2004, such as (right to left) its innovator Anil Kulkarni, experts Rajiv Kalia, Sunil Dhar and SAC specialist Sushil Singh. The team had camped at Samudra Tapu, a huge de-glaciated area.

UFO? The item captured increasing above the valley


A UFO or Unidentified Flying Object is determined as an enterprise or visual occurrence seen in the sky which cannot be identified even after a systematic sensor / probe. The traditional viewpoint of the regular technological people is that probably all UFO sightings impact from misidentification of regular and man-made trend, purposeful scams or emotional impression.


SIGHTING: Seen by all 11 associates of the journey. Scientific group has been incapable to decisively identify the item.

PHOTOGRAPHS: The images taken by the researchers validate that there was indeed something and they were not being affected by high-altitude hallucinations.

FLIGHT: The item moved on floor and in air, disobeying severity and breeze route, discussed landscape, modified shades and took off erect, the most complicated function of aircraft technological innovation.


SAMUDRA TAPU, a de-glaciated area in Himachal Pradesh. A 12-km, eight-hour travel from Chandratal, it is simple to discuss to only via a 180-km strong travel from Batal, the nearby roadhead on the Manali-Leh road. Kaksar, 70 km away, is the closest booming city.

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