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List of Alien Races in the universe

Leader Centaurians:
A human like varieties that has marine features such as gills, webbed feet an hands allowing them to live below our ocean. They probably occupy our deep ocean absolute depths and flying UFO's often seen arriving out of our sea. They have been approved with livestock mutilations, have such a high level weaponry techniques that other specie swill not war with them. Yet others declare they are here to impress our awareness. Also they've been described as being a lustrous bluish greyish in shade of various dimension.

Supposedly a reptilian ( have seen them described as humanoid/reptilian) varieties that is associated with the Constellation Aquila, in the Altair solar program. Almost romantic details have been given, they are nomads among the celebrities, friends to some varieties of Nordics, Greys Other planetary army (including ours) and actually help protect Draconians. Also group with The Ashtar Control.

Are they belief or reality? Historical Ancient belief suggest these 'beings' are in association with the gods from the celebrity program Cassiopeia. The fearless Perseus had to destroy Medusa (a reptilian?) and then took Andromeda's side in marriage. There is more stories centered info on the Internet than working with UFO peculiar being relevant details.

A human like varieties associated with undercover angles in the world under Antarctica and associated with fair haired light skinned backgrounds. In some details, it's said that these animals also have reptilian features, like cuts instead of regular students and eye colors which variety from light yellow-colored to ruby more in track with a cat or snakes.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Arcturians are obviously the most innovative individuals in our Universe with the capability for perspective journey. Their community which is a identical framework to that of world. Apparently they are supposed to bring serenity among warring planet's.

Blues / Greens:
They've been described as brief and sturdy as in Whitley Strieber's guide, 'Communion'. They are uniformed have wide encounters and a deeper red shade with almost comedian motions, showing to flow or slide along. In Whitley's experience, they were acting like physicians and analyzed him. Others have described as looking like a typical Greyish except for the colour and even human like different from dark to amazing red.

Browns / Greys:
Browns are more rare, like the unusual doldrums and there are several grey varieties. Brownish colours have been explains as 3 -7 ft. high, in various colors of brown to a tan shade. Epidermis has been described in some cases a leatherlike, old and wrinkly overall look and eye dimension differs from a huge almond kind to little and reptile like.

The Cassiopaeans are obviously a very innovative amazing competition of humanoids from the celebrity program of Cassiopeia. Several New Age categories announce to route these individuals via intuitive emails. This is another probably another competition centered in more belief than fact. They have be described as individuals of mild, individuals with halo or showing in a perspective power kind surrounded by mild. Note: Coming kind a former directing conspiracy I cannot position much stock in based on routed details as a source for reliable details working with organizations or aliens.)

Draconian Reptilians
Will explain all forms of reptilian many varieties that each has it's own classification. These are known as Drac's for brief and have a popularity of being clever, very smart, are very competitive warlike animals. These are not the good guys, although many individuals would claim the point. They have been linked with Roswell, New Brazil cover-up and Dulce Caverns in New Brazil, to undercover army angles obviously in relationship with our govt and MILABS. They have webbed fingertips, claws which look like talons, with various colors of dark greenish grey scaly skin and have reptile sight in various colors. They have the capability to kind move and cover up as individual. They seem to nourish off individual power, worry or other extremely charged feelings. Several sources declare they are the unique population of Earth and were motivated from the globe by the visiting Adamic / Evadamic (humanoid species) competition who may have been aspect of the Anunnaki and advancing for the Draco Star System, many centuries ago and will return to take over world again.

EL's or EL Hybrids
These are godlike individuals of extremely individual strength intellect and capabilities often believed to be the first individuals or similar to a propagation of sky gods and humanity. It's possible that these are what many ancient mythologies are centered on. There are several details that would fit early Ancient records of individuals with extremely individual abilities such as Cronus ( the father of the universe) and Rhea who are the parents of Zeus.
The El's are said to be relevant to the Phoenician and Canaanite gods known as the Elohim which is found together with Ezekiel's Rim, and the support beams of fire that many declare is proof of extraterrestrial visitation rights. The word EL, results in meaning, extremely effective -- "The Strong (or Powerful) One."

Hybrids / Mixed Species
There are many records of compounds with just about every peculiar varieties. Blow are a few that have been appropriately described.

 The Grey/ Human Multiple -- Many abductees explain records of seeing 50 percent human/ peculiar kids in which they are regularly made to connection with. Youngsters are often described as having large leads, huge individual or peculiar sight little noses, little lips and rare locks in various colors. Their epidermis differs between grey to light white-colored human body kind is thin to emaciated but there's been a few details of seeing kids who are of normal weight. Many abductees also remember seeing residing unborn infant compounds in aquariums obviously waiting to be born.

The Reptilian/Human Hybrid
Apparently reptilian individual compounds don't look different from other individuals. There are records throughout history of a reptile competition of individuals who mated with humanity to create a new bloodline. Some individuals believe that humanity of homo-erectus IS the inherited combining of reptilians and humanoids. There is proof of a godlike competition (in some details a reptile race) which frequented world and in addition to individuals. There are many records written on clay-based pills from the Sumerian era. This theme spreads throughout many societies. It's also considered that these reptilian hybrid bloodlines are aristocratic and consists of leaders, royalty and noblemen starting in the center eastern and growing to every region. Some individuals declare they have the capability to see through the individual covering into the reptilian below.

Hydra Reptilians
An marine reptilian varieties that lives in or near normal water, are around 5 ft. high, they have scaly webbed hands and feet. as well as gills and began supposedly arriving from the constellation Hydra (also known as 'The Sea Serpent') which is consists of three celebrity techniques of Try out Hydrae, Epsilon Hydrae and N Hydrae. In Ancient belief there are the mythical beasts Hydra, Python, and the monster Typhon, all reptile like.There are many names of reptile gods and actresses for that matter throughout every region such as hybrid prototypes etched on tombs, on surfaces of uncovered ancient places in the center eastern.

Insectiods / Mantas
Insect like individuals , with big big like sight and thin mantas like techniques. They have been described as being 4 to 7 ft. high and are usually with little neonatal types of grays. Some have been described as dressed in hooded capes or gowns. According to reviews, both malicious and sympathetic plans are being applied.

Approximately 4-5 ft. high, with a dense base end which variations the ground, much like an Iguana as well a hominid external. Abductees have often described them as seen dressed in hooded monk kind gowns, capes which cover up there reptilian look such as tails. They seem to have a malicious plan, and some declare they are associated with sorcery, dark magic.

Lacertian Reptilians
A varieties of marine reptilians from these have been described as lizard-like animals 4- 6 ft. high, with gills, machines on various colors and are of the reptilian order. Some believe they were once portrayed as ancient 50 percent fish/human gods of Syrian reasonable. They are revealed to obtain intuitive capabilities as well as the capability to position thoughts inside individuals. They are obviously from the constellation Lacerta, the known as the reptile, which expands from the head of the constellation Cepheus to the foot of the celebrity program Perseus. Women experiencers have described being fooled and raped as these animals had the capability to cover up as movie or rock celebrities in dream-like encounters. They've shown moments of tepid surrounded rooms with warm regularly of normal water that are used to partner with both men and women individuals. There delivers have been described as either wormlike or triangular in shape.

Lemurian Hybrids
Lemurians are a human like varieties that hale from Pleiades. They are humanoids, dark locks and olive skin, usually brown almond-like sight and obviously resolved in Indian and other places of the center eastern. They are obviously here to impress the awareness and frequented here many century ago because of the vivid natural sources of what they call Terra (earth). There are several categories of individuals who declare to be directing Lemurians message of serenity.

They've been described as the demonic symptom of the the peculiar backgrounds and have been portrayed as looking like world limited devils but have the capability to cover up as individual. Others have stated they are a prominent varieties with purpose on getting over world and enslaving individuals and are obviously linked with the Illuminati. Most likely they are reptilian in source, as the information indicates.

The individual population of Lyra, who are said to have a common source with worlds individual varieties, and the varieties of Terran who are obviously curved on getting over our galaxy. They come in all forms, dimensions from dark-skinned to White there appear to be a red haired, mild skinned massive competition, with rather huge functions. Lyrans were amazingly motivated out of their celebrity program several thousand of decades ago and moved to many places in the galaxy.

Martians are obviously obviously kind our solar techniques world Mars. They been described as little little natural men with antenna, or as an reptile like reptilian inner world varieties, even human like. Most every information has been given. Some ways of thinking think that Mars was once populated by individuals, and they runaway to world when sources run out. Other considered that a Martian planetary difficulty war/planetary changes due to a rod move. Surprisingly recent findings of normal water below posts, and clear proof of stream programs, etc. makes one wonder.

The Neonates are an peculiar varieties with extreme intellect. Neonates are three to four ft. high, have a fetus-like countenance and a huge large skull. They are thin muscled and spindly, have mild greyish to dark cream-colored skin, five numbers on each side and are revealed to obtain intuitive capabilities. Neonates are often periods wrong for Greys, another identical peculiar varieties in prominence and shade. However, the Neonates (unlike the grays) have students and retinas in their uncommonly huge sight. The sight of Alien Greys are huge too, but they are entirely dark and have no recognizable students or retinas in them. Alien Greys have only four numbers on each side in contrast to the five numbers on each side of the Neonate.
It was the Neonate varieties that was supposedly engaged in the Roswell New Brazil UFO accident in 1947. It is also the Neonate varieties that supposedly kidnapped Nancy and Barney Mountain in 1962; the first recorded ‘Alien Abduction’ case on record. During that abduction Nancy Mountain was told by these Neonate aliens that they descends from the Zeta Riticuli celebrity program.

Nordics / Agathartians
A high competition of brown haired, red eyed humanoids often relevant to the celebrity program Pleiades'. Both men and females are well built with muscle fitness techniques and stand over 6 ft. high. Face functions are human like, with sight, nose and mouth that differ in dimension. They are described as a sympathetic competition in relationship with contact encounters.

As the Nordics are mild haired and eyed, the Orions have been revealed to be high, dark haired with brown almond established sight and have a malicious war like people. Others declare they are the owners of the skies and actually prevent the malicious Barbaric varieties from fighting world while other reviews declare they are together with other warlike malicious varieties.

Other Greyish Species
There are as many details of Greys as there are colors of greyish. Other varieties consist of levels which variety from 2 to 12 ft. high, willowy to muscle techniques huge sight to little humanlike sight. Epidermis designs have been explains as fine machines, to the feeling of eel skin and individual bald skin.

Usually high and individual looking , Pleiadans have been described as the other human like competition of the galaxy with different locks and eye and skin colors, One varieties appear to be look individual, but with lustrous red skin a dense wooly red locks.

Reptilians / Reptiods
There are a variety of Reptilian varieties that are non hominid, bipedal and basically cool or cold blooded. There have been unusual reviews of a positive connections with them. Descriptions differ, but a common function seem to be the reptilian functions of greenish grey reptile skin shaded skin with sight that have cuts. They variety in all levels as well, such as tails and sheaths which cover up theor sexual organs. A Majority of reviews declare they are perpetuating malicious plans.

Subterranean Reptilians
A varieties of Reptiods that is said to occupy the subterraneous places of Earth, the Celestial satellite and Mars. Apparently they declare to be worlds unique population and say the were motivated undercover by fake aliens known as Terrans. There is a whole sub lifestyle of individuals who believe that they are from these reptilian/human bloodlines.
Serpentine ReptiliansReptilians that are reptile like in overall look with yellow-colored to red shaded irises and indicated students. They have been revealed to being dark greenish greyish, over several ft. high with viper established leads, long tails and reptile like machines. They have reptile like motions. Others have revealed them to be massive snakes, larger than the Anaconda, and they are sentinels, security officers that will catch or destroy individuals who get too close to finding undercover reptilian varieties.

Sirius Reptilians
This is an marine reptilian varieties obviously from our nearby Dog Star Sirius. They have been described as bipedal, average in dimension with webbed hands and feet with gills, and others believe they are associated with the 50 percent individual, 50 percent seafood or mermaids and mermen. Supposedly the varieties have marine angles in the world.

Sirius Beings
The Dogon individuals of Sudan, African-american believe that they received their vast knowledge of the celebrities from visitors to Earth, known as Nommos - who are amphibian individuals sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of humankind. The Sumerians portrayed their gods as 50 percent human/fish and stated these gods dropped from the sky.Son's of Night.This is a varieties that has obviously perpetuated a war within our galaxy to fight for the individual spirit, and control over all human like varieties since the starting of your energy and effort. It's uncertain if they are a real peculiar varieties or demonic as both sides of the Holy scriptures and UFO ideologies declare them as their own. There has been referrals to them in the Holy scriptures, and in other religious text messages.My Studies suggest they may be a little of both.

Son's of Light
This is a varieties that battles the Kids of Night within our galaxy to fight for the individual spirit, and obviously sent to protect all human like varieties since the starting of your energy and effort. It's uncertain if they are a real peculiar varieties or perfect little angels. There has been referrals to them in the Holy scriptures, and in other religious text messages such as the Important factors of Enoch.

The Ancients
Supposedly the first varieties to come to world and taught humanity the capability to grow your plants and arrange in areas. They are linked with the Phoenicians, The red sea and recommended in the Holy scriptures.< Super terrestrials Supposedly the varieties of Greys that were engaged in the notorious Roswell, New Brazil accident They are described as individuals with huge leads, willowy techniques. Supposedly, these animals who gave the govt a technical boost in exchange for individual analysis.

According to followers the Urantia Brotherhood are sympathetic instructors of the galaxy and are individual looking. They are described as human like, in all forms, dimensions and colors. They were sent to help humankind to restore before the end periods They will obviously reveal before individuals eliminate themselves. A whole sub-culture of followers have established around the Book of Urantia. Very just like the the framework and belief of Raelians.

Vampuria Reptilians
Supposedly a varieties of reptilian that maintains its life force by siphoning off individual efforts and feelings. They are several feet with a light bulb like problem between their foreheads, indicated hands and feet, sight are red with cuts for students, the techniques are reptile like bipedal and hands have four numbers with dark talons

Supposedly a couple of varieties exist. The human like varieties started as refugees from the Lyran Conflicts, they always perform with with other refugee-colonists now residing in the Pleiades. They look individual are said to be soothing and relaxing. The second group is also human like but with you will of a reptile or pest like, they are described as having a greenish shade to their skin, but colors variety from skin to dark. Both varieties are said to have huge sight Venusians Brought into popularity by the late Henry Adamski , Venusians are obviously human like looking with various skin and eye colors. They wear army kind outfits and working with the world government authorities as well as tracking earthlings progress. They obviously have undercover angles in the The state of las vegas wasteland.

White Brotherhood of Light
These are obviously human like individuals that are consists of amazing mild techniques in various gleaming colors. They are obviously discreetly helping humanity to become religious relaxing competition. They obviously are instructors , do not have direct actual connections and prefer to route their details.

Winged Draconians
They are high, over seven feet, reptilians with dark reptile machines, indicated hands with dense dark talons on 4 fingertips. Their functions are indicated and angular, huge reptile sight and thin but muscle techniques. They have the capability to kind stuff to distribute. They are aggressive in their abductions, they've been known to control and get into dreamscapes. They nourish of the feelings and efforts of worry, rage. and use hypnotism , mind control A very clever competitive reptilian varieties with the capability for trans-dimensional journey. This indicates that their only plan is to eliminate the spirits of individuals, human like varieties throughout the galaxy.

Zeta Reticulans
grey varieties , usually around 4 ft. high in various colors of greyish, with huge leads and huge bright dark sight. there human body components are thin, and they have the capability to telepathically connect with each other as well as individuals. Zetas who are mostly responsible for abductions. Some declare they have a sympathetic purpose while other declare they are like drones who do lab perform and other tests probably for another varieties.

Miscellaneous Possibly Related Species

Mothman / Mothmen
The Mothman is a winged enterprise which has the capability to kind move into anything it desires. Sightings of this animal are globally and it seems to just appear after a UFO flap but doesn't seem relevant. According to tradition, It first showed up in Va in 1966. It seems to several individuals in the same location, affecting their intuitive capability to estimate future events and then it will disappear prior to a major disastrous event.

Bigfoot / Sasquatch
It is also known as Yeti, Stomach Snowman and Skunk Ape. This huge fuzzy / fuzzy animal has been revealed globally throughout various societies and on every region The details are similar; several ft. high with different fur colors, it is a hominid varieties, probably about the ape family but it's bipedal walking completely erect. Sightings indicate it is an amazing animal with individual like motions. It's often described as having a very nasty human body smell.

It pushes its name from the term 'goat sucker' because is basically drinks the blood of its sufferers. The actual details differ in dimension. But is usually described as about four ft. high with huge red indicated sight, grey skin that is aspect fur and aspect down, brief hands with claws, feet like a kangaroo, and a line of sharp rises down the center of it's back. They are obviously very extremely effective animals. Some reviews indicate it has pizza and can fly. It's been revealed in both North and South America as well as the Carribbean. And seems to be together with UFO sightings.

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