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Yudhisthira in Mahabharat- Son of Dharmaraja

According to the Hindu Epic, Yudhisthira was the eldest son of Pandu. He is known for his humble behavior . Yudhishir is that character of Mahabharata whose difficulty lies in the utter ease and certainty of his behavior. This character of Mahabharata lived his life according to the rule book of the society.

Wife of Yudhisthira in Mahabharat

The first wife of yudhisthira as we know  is Draupdi, hence the king of Indraprastha has also one wife, the name is Devika, She was the daughter of Govasana

Skills - Soft-Spoken. Spear-fighting, Linguist , Chariot Racing etc.

Things that Describes the Character of Yudhisthira

  •  His being the eldest grandson of Vichitraveerya had approximately enrooted in the minds of Bheeshma, Kripacharya and Vidhur that he should be the lawful recipient.
  • When Dhritarashtra was faced the dilemma of choosing his recipient than he proved his bravery by the wise decision-making that was approved by all the prudent in the incite.
  • When the king Dhritarashtra offered him the half of Hastinapur he accepted it without any hesitation, only for the peace of the family. He knows that he deserved the full kingdom, he did not desire for anything more than what was offered.
  •   During the time of padava's exile, The king of Gandharava captured Duryodhan than Youdhister sent Bheem and Arjun to help him, than both brothers resued Duryodhan from the Gandharavas.
  •  In the  last day of the war, Yudhishthir was selfless towards the Kauravs and continued to suggest that if Duryodhan kept his word even at the last instant, he would stop the war of Mahabharat.
Yudhisthira  was a virtuous spirit, the most mature and kind of all his brothers. His qualities are something everyone should try and follow. Yet, in a fit of hubris and voracity, he lost his kingdom, his wealth, brothers and wife. The thing which we can learn from this character of Mahabharata is "justice is ineffective unless harmonizing with prudence".

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