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Veda Vyasa: Writer of Mahabharat

Veda Vyasa

Veda Vyasa is an ancient Hindu sage who is also known as Krishna Dvaipayana.  According to Hindu Mythology there are seven persons in earth who are immortals and Veda Vyasa is one of them. Veda Vyasa was is the writer of Hindu epic Mahabharata and also a character in it. Veda Vyasa is the most prestigious Hindu teacher and Hindu celebrated Guru Purnima festival in memory of him. Veda Vyasa was considered as the incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu. Vyasa’s father name was Parashara and his mother name was Satyawati.

Birth of Veda Vyasa:

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There is an interesting story behind Veda Vyasa’s birth. Veda Vyasa was the son of the great sage Parasara and Satyawati. Satyawati was the daughter of a fisherman. Satyawati worked as a boat woman for their survival. Once, sage Parasara used her boat to cross the river, during this trip Parasara fall in love with Satyawati. Later Satyawati got married with Shantanu. Shantanu was the king of Hastinapur. Bhishma was the son of Shantanu’s first wife Ganga. Satyawati was the stepmother of Bhishma

At the very initial stage of his life, Veda Vyasa gave up his family and decided to go forest for meditation. Veda Vyasa gave a promise to his mother Satyawati that whenever she will call him he will appear in front of her. 

Veda Vyasa and Ambika, Ambalika, Parishrami:

According to Mahabharata, Vichitravirya was the king of Hastinapur, and he had two wives first one was Ambika and second one was Ambalika. Satyawati was the mother of king Vichitravirya.  Vichitravirya had no children to continue his legacy. There was Bhishma who works as a mentor of Hastinapur.

Unfortunately Vichitravirya died without having a child and this situation like a curse for Hastinapur because there is no one to rule Hastinapur. One day Satyawati and Bhishma decided to call up sage Veda Vyasa. 

Veda Vyasa did pregnant Ambika, Ambalika and their maid Parishrami by Niyoga process. Ambika bore blind child Dhritrastra Ambalika bore pale coloured Pandu and Parishrami bore intelligentVidur. Veda Vyasa was the grandfather of Pandu’s and Kaurava’s.

Veda Vyasa and Sanjay:

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Veda Vyasa and Sanjay
Before the war of Mahabharat blind Dhritrastra expressed his desire to watch this war. Veda Vyasa offered divine eyes to Dhritrastra by the help of them he canwatch this battle but Dhritrastra refuse to take these eyes. Finally Veda Vyasa decided that Sanjay is the rightperson for those divine eyes.   Veda Vyasa gave the power of divine eyes to Sanjay and Sanjay narrate all story of battle ground to blind Dhritrastra.

Veda Vyasa and his books:

Veda Vyasa mostly known for his book Mahabharat. Veda Vyasa also known as a compiler of vedas.  He also wrote Bhrama Shutra.

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