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3 Stories You Should Know About Durvasa Rishi

Durvasa : The Rishi of Rage

Durwasha-rishi-hinduDurvasa is one of the most prominent character of Hindu epic Mahabharat. Durvasa was very powerful and intelligent sage of his time. He was respected by everyone and everywhere.   Durvasa was the person who responsible for the birth of Pandavas. Sage Durvasa was predominantly famous for his anger.

Birth history of Durvasa Rishi:

There were several myths about the birth of sage Durvasa. Some of the Hindu anecdotes say that Durvasa was the result of quarrel between lord Shiva and Lord Bharma and some say, Durvasa was the born with the blessings of Lord Shiva. However the great sage Atri was the father of Durvasa and Anusuya was the mother of Durvasa. Durvasa had two other brothers as well, named Soma and Dattatreya. According to Hindu mythology Soma had some portion of lord Bharma and Dattatreya had some portion of lord Vishnu.

durvasa shakuntala dushyanta

Shakuntala and Durvasa:

Shakuntala (mother of Bharat), once she was daydreaming about her love Dushyanta, and forgot to welcome sage Durvasa. This incident ignite the fire of anger in sage Durvasa’s mind and he cursed Shakuntala that her lover will forget her. After sincere apology of Shakuntala, Durvasa said that if the ring which was gifted by Dushyanta to Shakuntala, will present in front of Dushyanta, then Dushyanta will recognize Shakuntala. Infect Dhusyanta was the king of Hastinapur. Shakuntala and Dushyanta birth a child named Bharat. Bharat was the most powerful and brave king of Hastinapur. And He was the forefather of Kaurava’s and Pandava’s.

Durvasa and Kunti:

durvasa boon kunti
According to Hindu epic Mahabharat once Durvasa visited Kuntibhoja’s kingdom. Kuntibhoja knew about Durvasa’s nature. He deployed his daughter Kunti for the service of sage Durvasa. 
Kunti was unmarried at that time. Kunti served Durvasa in extremely well manner. Due to great service of Kunti Sage Durvasa taught her the method, by which she can calls any god to beget children by them without disturbing her virginity.

Durvasa and Pandava’s

When Pandava’s spending their exile period Duryodhana pleased sage Durvasa with the help of his uncle Shakuni. Duryodhana convinced Durvasa to visit his cousin Pandava’s hut with their disciples.

However Duryodhana knew that Durvasa is very short tempered and he also knew that Pandava’s are not able to serve Durvasa and his disciples as well.

When Durvasa visited Pandava’s hut they already took their food and there is nothing left in food. Durvasa ordered Pandava’s that he is going for bath with his disciples and they will take food after it. Due to this incident Dropadi who was the common wife of five Pandava’s get nervous and he reminds lord Krishna for their help. Lord Krishna appears there immediately and short out the all worries.  

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